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Political Preparedness APP


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·Sep 8, 2021·

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Political Preparedness APP

In this project, we will build an application that provides civic data intended to provide educational opportunities to the U.S. electorate using data provided by the Google Civic Information API.

We will use data from this API to allow users to track information on target representatives and voting initiatives where applicable.

Users will be able to target a specific location and retrieve the associated civic data, displaying it to the user, and providing a clean user experience for consumption. Users will be able to save predefined locations for quick access and mark preferred representatives and policy outcomes. Where available, elections and voter information will also be provided, notifying the users on upcoming elections and providing access to associated information and saved data.

Hear is a video explaining how the app should work.

High-level Overview of the Google Civic Api

Civic Information API

The api allows developers to build applications that display US civic information to their users.

  • For any U.S. residential address, you can look up who represents that address at each elected level of government.
  • During supported elections, you can also look up polling places, early vote location, candidate data, and other election official information.

Resource types

  • Elections

A collection of information about elections and voter information.


Resource representations

Information about the election that was queried.


Check out the documentation :

  • Representatives

This collection includes information about political geography, as well as elected officials.


Resource representations

A resource in this collection has three sections:

  • Divisions - lists political geographic divisions, like a country, state, county, or legislative district.

  • Offices - lists political positions that are elected to represent the divisions

  • Officials - lists people presently serving in the offices listed.

Check out the documentation :

  • Divisions


Check out the documentation :

Stay tuned for part 2,many thanks for reading part 1.


Google Civic Information API

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